Dear Professional Practice Colleague,

As you are aware, professional practice issues and topics are fundamental to the safe provision of client care across the health care continuum. Those of us directly involved in professional practice areas are often looking for opportunities to network, share resources and contribute to this dynamic and ever changing area. I would like to introduce you to the Professional Practice Network of Ontario (PPNO), a networking group created specifically to address the needs and challenges unique to the area of professional practice and the needs of individuals in professional practice roles.

Formed in 1999, PPNO is an interprofessional group that has grown to include over 80 member organizations across Ontario, as well as other provinces. Some of the benefits of membership in PPNO include:

1. Quarterly networking meetings
2. Electronic listserv for ongoing networking, resource and research sharing between members
3. Access to query summaries and associated documents (e.g. role descriptions, policy and procedures, templates.)

The results of a membership survey indicate that our members highly value the direct and “virtual” networking opportunities, the degree of information sharing and willingness to share existing resources (e.g. policies and procedures).

Attached you will find literature that provides further information about our purpose, meeting schedules, and membership criteria. We have also included a membership form for your consideration.

Should you have any questions about PPNO, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lindsay Martinek
President, PPNO